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Friday, 29 October 2010

A very brief look at anxiety

A brief look at anxiety symptoms
Do you know someone who could benefit from a new way of dealing with an old problem? 
It is normal to experience worry or fear from time to time particularly before confronting something difficult or problematic like a driving test, a public performance, or when put on the spot in an interview situation. Feelings like these are accepted and expected.
Anxiety however is considered a problem, if the symptoms effect our ability to sleep or to go about our daily lives calmly. It is considered that anxiety occurs when the reaction to any situation is out of proportion compared with what might be normally be expected.
Anxiety, is a general term for several symptoms that cause nervousness, which can be described as a fear, apprehension, or worrying. It is the symptoms which can affect our emotions, our feelings and our behaviour, anxiety can be extremely upsetting, and have a serious impact on daily life.
Anxiety disorders can be classified into several more specific types. To find out more, and to discover how to manage the symptoms, find out about our courses at the LCCH teaching in London Exeter Birmingham Manchester Glasgow Leeds Portugal Malaysia Singapore. 

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