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Welcome to the LCCH Taunton blog.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Taunton Autumn Update

The season continues to be kind to us in Taunton, as the foundation students move closer to the end of their course the assessment, a practical exam is only a few days away now.
While it can be a time of nerves and apprehension it is wonderful to see how far the students have come in such a short time.

This first step on their way to become safe hypnotherapists is always such an exciting time, but while they now know why it is so important to work safely, they still have so much to learn about hypnotherapy and the next step, the start of the next PG Cert, is only a few short months away.

It takes a lot of commitment to study for a course with university accreditation and it is not for the faint hearted, or for those who think they can just wing it, it requires serious study, and a commitment to reading right from the start. There are some who underestimate the work involved, but one thing is certain, that all those who choose to study with us at the LCCH learn not only about hypnosis and hypnotherapy but also much about themselves, as they come to acknowledge that an open mind and curiosity and a critical mindset is a good foundation for anyone who chooses to study and progress.

As the Foundation students prepare for their final weekend, the PG Cert students are looking forward to weekend 11, and are all well underway with their own case studies, in preparation for their final assignment. It has been a good group, who have become closer, as they have worked though the year. Each weekend has brought with it new learning of the depth of work a good qualified clinical hypnotherapist can bring into the therapy room, in a client centred and solution focused way, using the many and varied approaches from the eclectic world of psychology and health care.

The new dates for the 2016 Foundation and PG Cert courses have been put in place for next years courses in Taunton and there only needs to be added the new dates for the 2016 Masterclasses / CPD events.

All of our PG Cert students have to be DBS checked, insured and registered with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis  thus ensuring that they start their training in clinical hypnotherapy with the mindset that they are aware of their ethical practice, and responsibilities.

PG Cert students 2015 
All very hard working individuals in this small group.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Taunton Autumn 2015

Autumn is here and with it the start of the 2015 Foundation Course in Taunton

There have been a few changes, since the last blog post. The college has undergone another re validation with University of West London and we have seen our latest MSc students graduate over the summer and we send our congratulations to them all, and also all of those who passed their exams this year. We look forward to welcoming back, some of you as you continue on with your studies.

Our masterclasses have become CPD courses, and our CPPD certificate course, is now a Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnosis. There are also some significant improvements to the Post Graduate Diploma too, which you can see on the website.

If you haven't looked recently the website has had a facelift too. www.lcch.co.uk

At Taunton we are looking forward to welcoming our new students next weekend, for the start of the Autumn Foundation. Our students are travelling from all around the west country, and we will have an exciting start to the weekend as they get to know each other and learn the fist steps of safe practice, and underpinning theory.

Parking over the summer has caused the post graduate students a few problems, as the loss of the public carpark on site, which has been given over to the college builders, has meant that the early morning runners have parked in and over the school parking spaces. Fortunately most have gone by the start of the day, and we have managed it extremely well.

The PG Cert students are now turning their attention to their case studies and with only 4 more lectures left, they all have their exam preparation in mind.

There are some exciting times ahead, so this blogger has every intention of keeping you posted.

Don't forget to look out for the LCCH podcasts.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

LCCH Taunton - 2013

Welcome to Taunton.

Everything is now in place for the start of the Post Graduate Certificate course in March and the CPPD certificate in April, the beginning of our new year in a new location in the South West.

We will be based in the building behind the sports centre, to the right of the picture below of the The Castle School. The room is well equipped and provides us with all we need.

 There is plenty of free parking outside the front entrance, and the town centre is within easy walking distance.

Congratulations to our students who are looking forward to progressing with their studies, and welcome back to those who will be returning after a short break in their studies.

Welcome to all our new students and those who have not yet enrolled, welcome to The London College of Clinical Hypnosis.
                                                                                                           The Castle School - Taunton

Friday, 9 March 2012

February & March 2012

Looking forward.

The months are passing quickly, and soon it will be April. The CPPD starts on the 14th, so there is still time to book your place on line at at the college web page just click this link to go and find our courses.

This could be the start of something amazing for you.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January 2012

It is snowing here in Devon, and the winter has just changed from a mild one into a very cold one.

But spring is just round the corner.

Many have set new challenges for the NEW Year, and 2012 brings with it much to look forward to.
The Olympics the Queens Jubilee and as if that isn't enough there are the individual goals of individuals who are looking to make changes in their life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help in so many ways, and at the LCCH we are looking forward to a new term with students studying for their CPPD starting in April and our PG Certificate students returning in March.

This year the Exeter Blog will do something new and include hints and tips on Student Study for those who visit the blog to find something new or useful.

Articles from past students may also be posted.


Hints for Students.

A good read to help enhance your understanding of Clinical Hypnosis in addition to any recommended reading from the LCCH.  

Trancework written by Michael D. Yapko and published by Brunner-Routledge 


If mindfulness is new to you then just for a moment stop.
Just stop, in a moment after you have read this very short guide, take two or three moments just to enjoy being alive.

The benefits are that little by little, and the more you do, you will find balance returning, more able to think clearly, become more calm, more relaxed and with improved focus. 

Step 1  
For just a few moments, just stop what you are doing.

Step 2
Notice your breathing.  Rhythmic gently in and out, notice how as you attend to your breathing it becomes regular, a little slower.

Step 3
Notice your body, perhaps the chair you are sitting in feel its pressure as your body rests there.

Step 4
Notice your feet pressing, resting on the floor, if they are not both flat on the floor just move them, and become aware of how grounded and solid you feel now.

Step 5
Just spend the next few moments really becoming aware of yourself, feel the fabric of the clothes you are wearing, soft against your skin, and just breath....

This is your life, your time, your space... breath... relax and enjoy it.
When your ready to resume what ever you were doing, take a nice full breath, let it out, and enjoy the rest of your day. Remember the more you become mindful the more control and choice you have to live your life to the full.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Virtual Gastric Band Thearapy Master Class in Exeter

Despite the rain, a fantastic day was spent in Exeter on Saturday the 20th August.
Michelle Hague and  Lorraine Rowlands, presented their Gastric Band Utilisation Therapy protocol, to a packed room, nearly matching their presentation in London early this year.

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy is a growing request from clients up and down the country, with the media scheduling it into the  mid morning viewing  on TV and again in evening specialist programmes on the likes of channel 4, the public know all about it.

With the wider understanding of what it is, and how it works, clinical hypnotherapists are giving another chance to many who have been told that Gastric band surgery is only available to a few who have the qualifying BMI or it may even be suggested to them (horror of horrors) that they may need to put on even more weight.

While the protocol is not for everyone, this unique approach combines NLP, Coaching, CBT, CBH, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Feed back has been good so far, and everyone seemed to have had a good day.

The begining of our next term for Exeter LCCH  is due to start next month, and we look forward to our class room being full in Septemebr for the start of the CPPD  course no. 1942.
Book now to ensure you place.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Summer news and events from Exeter

Summer arrived, and Exeter LCCH took to the road.
We have enjoyed being out and about this year, doing talks and workshops at Embercombe and at Quest, in addition, more formal talks have also been going on, in local hospitals and to dental practices.

At Quest in Newton Abbott, a four day event, we met on the LCCH stand, a number of potential new students, who were very interested to learn about the many and varied uses of clinical hypnosis and many of whom latter attended the workshops and talks.

The sun is shining as I type this blog, and although there has been some rain in the past few days (which the gardens needed ) it looks as though the weather is promising to be good for a little while longer, so we should all be able to enjoy the summer break while it lasts.

The lazy hot days of summer, all too quickly decline, and the autumn is never too far away, bringing with it the new term, and for Exeter that means the start of a new CPPD in Clinical Hypnotherapy and the possibility of a PG Dip in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

We look forward to all new students enroling, and to meeting them in the autumn.

Support and Clinical Supervision.

Practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy now has a new support and supervision group, Taunton will now be hosting a regular meeting for practitioners to attend, Cary Charles has kindly taken on the role of organising the support group which in the past met in Exeter, with a view to making it accessable to other areas.

Deatails of the support /supervision meetings will be in Augusts LCCH News letter.