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Monday, 16 November 2015

Taunton Autumn Update

The season continues to be kind to us in Taunton, as the foundation students move closer to the end of their course the assessment, a practical exam is only a few days away now.
While it can be a time of nerves and apprehension it is wonderful to see how far the students have come in such a short time.

This first step on their way to become safe hypnotherapists is always such an exciting time, but while they now know why it is so important to work safely, they still have so much to learn about hypnotherapy and the next step, the start of the next PG Cert, is only a few short months away.

It takes a lot of commitment to study for a course with university accreditation and it is not for the faint hearted, or for those who think they can just wing it, it requires serious study, and a commitment to reading right from the start. There are some who underestimate the work involved, but one thing is certain, that all those who choose to study with us at the LCCH learn not only about hypnosis and hypnotherapy but also much about themselves, as they come to acknowledge that an open mind and curiosity and a critical mindset is a good foundation for anyone who chooses to study and progress.

As the Foundation students prepare for their final weekend, the PG Cert students are looking forward to weekend 11, and are all well underway with their own case studies, in preparation for their final assignment. It has been a good group, who have become closer, as they have worked though the year. Each weekend has brought with it new learning of the depth of work a good qualified clinical hypnotherapist can bring into the therapy room, in a client centred and solution focused way, using the many and varied approaches from the eclectic world of psychology and health care.

The new dates for the 2016 Foundation and PG Cert courses have been put in place for next years courses in Taunton and there only needs to be added the new dates for the 2016 Masterclasses / CPD events.

All of our PG Cert students have to be DBS checked, insured and registered with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis  thus ensuring that they start their training in clinical hypnotherapy with the mindset that they are aware of their ethical practice, and responsibilities.

PG Cert students 2015 
All very hard working individuals in this small group.


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