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Welcome to the LCCH Taunton blog.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Taunton Autumn 2015

Autumn is here and with it the start of the 2015 Foundation Course in Taunton

There have been a few changes, since the last blog post. The college has undergone another re validation with University of West London and we have seen our latest MSc students graduate over the summer and we send our congratulations to them all, and also all of those who passed their exams this year. We look forward to welcoming back, some of you as you continue on with your studies.

Our masterclasses have become CPD courses, and our CPPD certificate course, is now a Foundation Course in Clinical Hypnosis. There are also some significant improvements to the Post Graduate Diploma too, which you can see on the website.

If you haven't looked recently the website has had a facelift too. www.lcch.co.uk

At Taunton we are looking forward to welcoming our new students next weekend, for the start of the Autumn Foundation. Our students are travelling from all around the west country, and we will have an exciting start to the weekend as they get to know each other and learn the fist steps of safe practice, and underpinning theory.

Parking over the summer has caused the post graduate students a few problems, as the loss of the public carpark on site, which has been given over to the college builders, has meant that the early morning runners have parked in and over the school parking spaces. Fortunately most have gone by the start of the day, and we have managed it extremely well.

The PG Cert students are now turning their attention to their case studies and with only 4 more lectures left, they all have their exam preparation in mind.

There are some exciting times ahead, so this blogger has every intention of keeping you posted.

Don't forget to look out for the LCCH podcasts.

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