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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Virtual Gastric Band Thearapy Master Class in Exeter

Despite the rain, a fantastic day was spent in Exeter on Saturday the 20th August.
Michelle Hague and  Lorraine Rowlands, presented their Gastric Band Utilisation Therapy protocol, to a packed room, nearly matching their presentation in London early this year.

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy is a growing request from clients up and down the country, with the media scheduling it into the  mid morning viewing  on TV and again in evening specialist programmes on the likes of channel 4, the public know all about it.

With the wider understanding of what it is, and how it works, clinical hypnotherapists are giving another chance to many who have been told that Gastric band surgery is only available to a few who have the qualifying BMI or it may even be suggested to them (horror of horrors) that they may need to put on even more weight.

While the protocol is not for everyone, this unique approach combines NLP, Coaching, CBT, CBH, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Feed back has been good so far, and everyone seemed to have had a good day.

The begining of our next term for Exeter LCCH  is due to start next month, and we look forward to our class room being full in Septemebr for the start of the CPPD  course no. 1942.
Book now to ensure you place.

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