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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January 2012

It is snowing here in Devon, and the winter has just changed from a mild one into a very cold one.

But spring is just round the corner.

Many have set new challenges for the NEW Year, and 2012 brings with it much to look forward to.
The Olympics the Queens Jubilee and as if that isn't enough there are the individual goals of individuals who are looking to make changes in their life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help in so many ways, and at the LCCH we are looking forward to a new term with students studying for their CPPD starting in April and our PG Certificate students returning in March.

This year the Exeter Blog will do something new and include hints and tips on Student Study for those who visit the blog to find something new or useful.

Articles from past students may also be posted.


Hints for Students.

A good read to help enhance your understanding of Clinical Hypnosis in addition to any recommended reading from the LCCH.  

Trancework written by Michael D. Yapko and published by Brunner-Routledge 


If mindfulness is new to you then just for a moment stop.
Just stop, in a moment after you have read this very short guide, take two or three moments just to enjoy being alive.

The benefits are that little by little, and the more you do, you will find balance returning, more able to think clearly, become more calm, more relaxed and with improved focus. 

Step 1  
For just a few moments, just stop what you are doing.

Step 2
Notice your breathing.  Rhythmic gently in and out, notice how as you attend to your breathing it becomes regular, a little slower.

Step 3
Notice your body, perhaps the chair you are sitting in feel its pressure as your body rests there.

Step 4
Notice your feet pressing, resting on the floor, if they are not both flat on the floor just move them, and become aware of how grounded and solid you feel now.

Step 5
Just spend the next few moments really becoming aware of yourself, feel the fabric of the clothes you are wearing, soft against your skin, and just breath....

This is your life, your time, your space... breath... relax and enjoy it.
When your ready to resume what ever you were doing, take a nice full breath, let it out, and enjoy the rest of your day. Remember the more you become mindful the more control and choice you have to live your life to the full.


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